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Hey there guys! I hope you all have been doing good. I am back with an update on me and my new found IBD life.

For 3 months after my diagnose, which came on April 8th, 2015, I was put on some steroids. Prednisone. 40mg of it a day. I went from being the skinniest girl, to a female version of Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks. No, seriously, check it out.


It made me better though, after a few months I was doing fine. No more blood, not losing any weight and I even got to go to Camp Oasis, a Chron’s and Colitis’ Foundation of America camp. A summer camp for kids aged 8-18 who either have Chron’s Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis. No matter how bad the disease is, some kids had had their colon removed, others were on Remicade IV Infusions, others had J Pouches, others, like me had JUST been diagnosed. It was a bit overwhelming, but being around other kids that could relate to what I was going through, somehow comforted me some. Back then, I was barely ever going to see my GI doctor. By the way, his name is Dr. Patel, and he is the coolest and best doctor ever. AND then, just an unpredictable as the first time, just a few weeks ago, I saw blood in my stool again. I was so scared, I didn’t know what was going on. This is all new to me still, the not knowing whether I was having C-Diff again, or the big, scary FIRST TIME EVER, flare up.

So I went to see Dr. Patel, where he told me I had to have blood work done. And, who likes having blood work done? Surely not me. It was pretty bad. They told me I had C-Diff again, and Dr. Patel added some more pills to my daily list, as if 4 Apriso pills, 1 Florastor (probiotic), 1 Culturelle (probiotic), 1 Vitamin D, and 1 Iron wasn’t enough. I had to take the antibiotic, Flagyl, 4 times a day. I started taking it and it did not work. Dr. Patel decided we needed to change the medication to something stronger, so he prescribed me a different kind of medicine, Vancomycin. If that didn’t work either, his next plan was another colonoscopy and maybe even, the big R. Remicade.

As of right now, I miss a lot of school. Since I am more likely to become sick or catching a virus, my mom makes me wear masks to school sometimes, and it makes me feel like no one ever wants to know me more, that they just want to get to know me more, because they are curious and nosy, and not because they care. I just wish I didn’t have a disease and I was normal, sometimes I feel like a freak, not able to have anybody understand what I am going through, until I go to camp. Because when I go to school, my friends don’t know everything that’s going on. This one kid at my school even asked me if I had Ebola, just because he found out I had a disease. It upset me and made me feel even worse, but deep down I know he didn’t mean it in a bad way, just like every other kid around me, he just doesn’t understand it.


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